About Me


I am a math teacher at Park Center Senior High in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

I have been teaching since 2004.

One bad day and I might quit teaching forever.  But for now I'm trying to do the very best I can.

This is me with my daughter Callista, born February 2012:


  1. Do you still update this blog? I was looking at the Week 18 trig learning target exam you made up. I think there is a mistake in the first about the triangles with equal areas question or you left out some words. Or Can you let me know the answers. My kids were having some trouble with it. kma815@gmail.com My name is ken adler and I teach at an international school in Dubai.

  2. The trick on that one with areas is to recognize that sin(t) = sin (180 - t) at point S. So A1 = 0.5(3)asin(t) and A2 = 0.5basin(180 - t). When you set the two equal to each other, the sines and a's divide out.

    This blog is obviously occupied by dust and tumbleweeds...my life has take me into a different direction. I suppose I should shift this blog's direction as well but I'm not sure how.

    For HL I have been relying heavily on the IB Question Bank lately (http://questionbank.ibo.org/). It's really good and better than a lot of the stuff I've created. I hope you have access to it.

    Thanks for checking in!