Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Nothing to Say

I gone a clear month and a half without writing anything here. I just haven't had anything profound to say.

This is certainly not an original blog post. Bloggers fall in and out of writing spurts all the time. But I'm trying to figure out why. Why have I had a general disinterest lately in reading twitter and checking my reader? What changed? What's going on with me that I'm just not finding the value that I used to?

Perhaps if I articulate a few reasons I'll find my way to something useful. If not, I apologize. I need to write something to try to move my energy in a positive and productive direction. Because right now, when it comes to math education, I am truly bored.

Reason #1: Family
My daughter is the cutest and sweetest thing ever and I'd rather be hanging with her than you. Sorry. Can you blame me?

Reason #2: General contentment with my practice
I feel like all of our hard work over the past few years is paying off. We have a good system and good assessments. And while we can always get better, seems like it might be time to reap the fruits of our many years of refinement.

It's also nice that my district isn't screwing things up as much as they used to.  It's been a good year for them. But it's been bad for my blog and twitter account: my readers do enjoy it when I go off the deep end and rail publicly against my district. I just haven't been as pissed off as I've been in the past.

Reason #3: An eye on the bigger picture
I've been doing math for years now and other things are exciting me. For some reason literacy and behavior are turning my crank. Questioning tactics and intervention strategies interest me. My classroom management is certainly at the best it has been in my career despite a tougher than usual class of sophomores coming into our school.

I recently completed my masters in Educational Leadership and Administration and perhaps will look that direction. I am also a negotiator for our teachers contract and I feel like this is in the wheelhouse of my skill set.  These things above and beyond my classroom practice excite me more and more.

An aside: I was a state speech champion in the category of discussion. If you don't know how it works, 5-8 of us sit at a table and are given a task. The person who should win is the person who contributes the most to the completion of the task, in whatever form.  For example, a task might go something like
Recently, President Obama relaxed Cuban travel and money restrictions. As members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, you should identify the ramifications of the eased policy, including impacts on Americans, Cubans, and relationships between countries in the region.
The competition is bizarre. You are simultaneously competing against and collaborating with the others at the table. At the time I thought there was absolutely nothing like it. I was wrong. Negotiations is exactly like it.

Reason #4: Overload
I'm pretty sure I have overloaded my twitter feed and reader. Too many superfluous and extraneous tweets and posts that overwhelm me. I need to weed in a BIG way. Sorry all.

All that combines into a rather uninspired and uninteresting web presence. I wish I could do better. But for today, this is what you get.

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  1. Glad to hear about reasons #1 + #2! And #3...I like seeing teachers I admire influence leadership & administration!