Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Caught Doing Something Good

Sorry for the delay in blog posts.  Truth is, I've had a lot to write about since then but couldn't bring myself to reengage.  Here we go!

SBG.  The district has bungled its implementation so bad that it looks like a twisted mess of dog poop and earthworms.  Everyone likes a comeback though, and here it comes.  The first step in the reclamation process is an adjustment to the grading scale.

Frankly, the grading scale has been such a distraction and source of morose stupefaction for our teachers that something had to be done.  I suggested a return to non-uniformity, but this may be better.  Here are some things I like about the document:

  • It's concise (this has not always been the case).
  • It's based in research (this has not always been the case).
  • It clearly addresses staff concerns (up until now it was our fault - we need to be "trained" more).
As critical as I've been publicly of our district administration, it's only fair that I call them out when they do something right.  Good job, and keep the positive momentum!

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