Thursday, December 13, 2012

Moodle Testing

I feel like I am killing it this year in the classroom and I am relatively stress-free so I've had time to screw around with some of my pie-in-the-sky ideas.  At the top of the list is moodle testing.  I know online testing isn't a new idea and it's actually a pretty boring idea.  Been done a million times.  But it's new to me and moodle is pretty handy since it inputs all of our students' information.  So I'm trying to make use of it.

Our first learning target of the trimester is 'solving quadratic equations by factoring.'  I wish I could have you try it but guests cannot use it.  Best I can do is a screen shot:

Here's how a kid might find herself taking the online quiz:
  1. Fail the first test.
  2. Successfully complete the retake ticket.
  3. Obtain online testing form from me.
  4. Take the online test on their schedule at their leisure.
In #3 I referenced an "online testing form".   This is the form that will accompany the online test:

Students will need to show their work on this form.  After completing the test, students will be automatically instructed to turn it in if they pass or see me for help if they fail.  That way I can do a once-over on their work but no hardcore correcting for all retakes.

As for the non-passers - ok the failures, I'm sick of dressing that up - I can set a delay for retaking a test.  When they fail, the test gives them instructions to see me for help.  My hope is that they follow the instructions.  They'll need to eventually to get another testing form anyway, so there's no getting around it.

I've created the test to have random questions every time, so no two tests will look the same.

For now I am only offering this at the "basic" level 2, C-level tests.  (Click here for more info on what that means.)  I hope to offer more in the future if this works.

The report is cool too.  I asked fellow math teachers to test it and find bugs.  So they weren't really trying to get perfects or anything like that.  Here's an email I sent with the report:

Unfortunately one of my colleagues didn't get the joke.  She emailed me crying.  I had to assure her that none of us really think she doesn't know how to factor.

Oh, the life of a smart-ass math teacher.

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