Monday, October 1, 2012

Big Smiles & Beers

Ohhhhh, today was annoying.  One of those days where I was inches away from going off the deep end.  At times I think I did.  Seems like a blog could be a form of catharsis so let me just give you a blow-by-blow overview of my day and why it was so damn annoying.  If you're not into reading about other peoples' problems, scroll down in your reader.

Woke up well rested with 8 hours of sleep under my belt.  Fed the baby girl, kissed her a bunch, and got a jump on the day.

Arrived at school a bit early because I forgot the tests I was going to correct on Friday.  The first thing I walked into was a note from the custodians.  It was the second of its kind that I have received this year.  It read
You will need to empty your recycling yourself.  We will put out the barrels to empty your recycling on Wednesdays.
I have been pushing back against this since this first note a few weeks ago.  When a custodian decides to drop in and teach a lesson, I will consider doing their job.  BUT NOT SOONER!  Do your damn job and I'll do mine!

So since suddenly I am expected to add custodial duties to my job description, I figured I would go steal a giant recycling barrel and put it in my room by the door.  Problem solved.

Meeting.  IB Collaborative Team AKA PLC AKA Data Team.  Because of my recycling issues I didn't have the data I wanted to have.  Got some yummy cinnamon rolls though so that was awesome.

1st period.  Starting class immediately after a meeting is never a good idea.  Taught kids about graphing lines.  Kid in front row refuses to work.  Always nice.  Generally kind girl decides she's going to talk to her friend in the hallway in the middle of class.  Told her, "You just can't do that!"  Also, "If you do it again I'll have to write you up."  Her response: "Go ahead."

I wrote her up after she did it again.

HL Math.  Rational functions.  I said, "Here are three problems.  I'll work through one of them as an example.  Which one would you like."  Kid in the back: "All three."

Part of me wishes I cared about my job just a little bit less so I could punch this kid in the face.  Not really, but sort of.

Lunch.  Spicy chicken strips in all three lines.  Suck.  That texture is just plain gross.

Algebra II.  Friday we had a pepfest and a few kids were gone, so OF COURSE they all wanted me to reteach them the lesson today.  Perhaps "FIGURE IT OUT" wasn't the best thing for me to say, but it was the first thing that came out of my mouth.  If you make the choice to be gone, you are responsible for your own learning, no?

Also was blessed with a girl who wanted to go to the bathroom with 5 minutes left in the period.  I told her no, and that was met with a, "this is fucking ridiculous."  Get out of my classroom.

Follow up with Assistant Principal regarding the recycling.  I told him I had solved the problem but he was skeptical.

Tennis practice.  Trying to find fun in this game for a bunch of girls who are burned out can be a bit challenging.  We had some odd fun, but the game of tennis should be fun without effort.  At least it was 75 degrees today.

Home with wife and daughter.  "Big Smiles and Beers" is the name of my country album, if I ever move to Nashville and cultivate a singing voice.  Drank Summit Saga and hung out with Callista until she went to bed about 6:30.  Still a bit annoyed with the day, but it doesn't sting as much as it did 6 hours ago.

How could this girl not knock all of the negative energy out of your body??!

OK, poopy pants, but besides that?


  1. 5:30am No one should have to wake up this early. But you had 8 hours. Last time I had 8 hours was when I overdosed on NyQuil.

    6:45am Bravo! Good solution. Our custodian left me note to pick up kids' trash last year. He only should vacuum. (You read that correctly.) I haven't figured out a nice way craft a note back saying Fuck Off.

    7:10am You ate something good? I don't even know what a breakfast looks like.

    8:00am Fighting words for sure. Good job following through.

    10:00am Can always count on one person in class to say that.

    10:50am Should have hoarded some cinnamon rolls earlier. Lunch this early?

    12:00pm You got the last words!

    1:20pm What do assistant principals DO?

    2:30pm "the game of tennis should be fun without effort" I'm not playing the same game.

    5:00pm You do have the cutest daughter EVER. You're a very lucky man, Marshall. So why the hell do I even care that you had a shitty day.

    Tomorrow can't be worse.

  2. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs to read. It's nice to hear that someone else teaches kids that don't feel like learning. I'm guessing this isn't a private school.

  3. Nathan I really appreciate the kind words. I never expected the following that this blog has amassed so far, and it's pretty humbling.

    I teach in a city that is a first-ring suburb of Minneapolis. Transient population, good mix of races (30/30/30/10ish), about half free or reduced lunch, and a good chunk of English learners.

    As much as these kids annoy me sometimes, I wonder if I'd find teaching as rewarding in a more affluent area. I doubt it but I don't really know I suppose; I've never taught in one.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this! I'm glad you still describe teaching as rewarding even after a stressful day.

  5. Your daughter lights up the entire internet! Nothing like the smell and skin of a baby girl, poopy pants and all, okay, maybe not the poopy pants...
    I concur that it is so refreshing to know I am not the only person who wants to shoot, I mean scream at kids, "it is hard out there, get a life, now, while it is easy." (Can you just see their eyes rolling?) The comment today, when I told two boys to turn the absent to the bathroom boy's back pack right side out, was, "gosh, we can't have any fun in this class."
    I am glad I found you through this initiative, it sure alleviates some of the isolation when you are not the worksheet, two months of assignments with test dates, no context kind of teacher with no tenure! Oh happy day!
    Here's to tomorrow and baby girls! (even though mine are 14, and 18 and much taller than I, they still smell good and delight me.